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Catering Menu

Catering Options

Pickup at our location.
Delivery available - We'll deliver your food ready to serve.
10% Delivery Fee applies


Includes delivery, set-up and clean-up.
Minimum of 50 people
20% Set-up Fee
We suggest a 20% gratuity

Tex-Mex Buffet

Includes our homemade tostada chips & salsa, rice and beans
All prices listed below are per person


Your choice of chicken, steak, or combination. Served with grilled peppers and onions, flour or corn tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Chicken per Person - $13.99

Steak per Person - $15.99


2 Enchiladas per person. Choose from classic cheese and onion, ranch chicken, or groudn beef enchiladas, topped with chili con carne, sour cream sauce or cascabel sauce.

Per Person - $10.99

Taco Bar

2 tacos per person, choice of beef, chicken, or combo, crispy or soft, with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

Per Person - $8.99


Enchiladas (one dozen) - $33.99

Cheese, Beef, or Sour cream Chicken

Tacos (one dozen) - $30.99

Chicken Fajita Salad - $36.99

Serves 8-10
Grilled chicken fajitas, fresh avocados, tortilla strips, mix cheese, tomatoes, and red onions on a bed of iceberg lettue with carrots and red cabbage.

Steak or Chicken Guisado - $75.99

Your choice of steak or chicken fajitas, with onions, peppers and mild sauce


Chips 20oz bag - $5.99

Tortillas, flour or corn (dozen) - $3.99

Pico de Gallo (pint/quart) - $3.99/$7.99

Salsa (pint/quart) - $3.99/$7.99

Sour Cream (pint/quart) - $6.99/$10.99

Shredded Cheese (quart) - $10.99

Guacamole (pint/quart) - $10.99/$18.99

Chili con Queso (pint/quart) - $9.99/$16.99

Mexican Rice (quart) - $6.99

Refried Beans (quart) - $6.99

Ranchero Beans (quart)- $9.99


Sopapillas (dozen) - $12.99

Churros caramel (dozen) - $19.99

Packages - Feed 6-8

Gordo Parrillada - $99.99

Beef, chicken, shrimp, and carnitas over grilled onions and peppers. Served with rice, beans, tortillas, chips & salsa

Camarones Mesquite - $99.99

Sauteed shrimp with garlic, cilantro butter. Served with rice, beans, guacamole, pico and tortillas, chips & salsa.

Combo Fajita - $99.99

Tender steak and chicken fajitas over grilled onions and peppers. Served with rice and charro beans, flour or corn tortillas and chips & salsa.

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